Cassie Lane

Melbourne-Based Freelance Writer

I’m a freelance copywriter, feature writer and content strategist based in Melbourne

I’ve had feature articles published in The Guardian, Daily Life, Sunday Life, The Saturday Paper and Sunday Herald Sun.

I’m an SEO copywriter and content strategist with over ten years of professional writing experience. I’ve had extensive experience remapping and writing websites, blogs, brochures, newsletters, reports and social media content for industries including construction, recruitment, FMCG, financial services, healthcare, legal and retail.

I’ve completed a Master of Creative Writing and Editing and I recently published a book that received glowing reviews, of which exactly zero were bribes.

In summary, I offer a unique combination of the creative writer’s vivid imagination with the strategic thinking of a communication expert and the technical precision of a writing master. Add, to taste, the quirky wit that can only be found in somebody whose primary caregiver growing up was the television.

Welcome to my website.

“Cassie has been an invaluable asset. She has proven to be particularly skilled at using her copywriting skills to turn ordinary subjects into compelling content that has directly increased website traffic and conversions. Her content strategy and SEO knowledge is impressive. She researches her subject thoroughly and goes above and beyond to produce content that doesn’t just appeal to the audience, it effectively communicates key messages. That takes skill. I highly recommend Cassie!”

Taki Konstan
Atomic Media
Marketing Director


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  • Clever Copywriting School member – training and mentoring (2017 – 2018)
  •  Digital Marketing – General Assembly (2017)
  • Master of Creative Writing and Editing – University of Melbourne (2015 – 2017)
  • AWC Copywriting Essentials (2018)
  • AWC Copywriting Business Essentials (2018)
  • AWC Freelance Writing Masterclass Member (2017 – 2018)
  • AWC Magazine and Newspaper Writing (2017)
  • BA – Double Major Psychology and Communications – Deakin University (BC)



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Truffles, teal, Joe Biden, poetry, kindness, reading in the sun, dusk in summer, good television, tequila, hugs, coffee in bed, team sports, portmanteaus, dumplings, laughing until my belly aches.


Coriander, sand, lazy grammatical errors, snobbery, Mike Pence, lime, sauvignon blanc, mosquitos, unreliability.