About Me

I write stuff. As a freelance writer I’ve had feature articles published in many major publications. I wrote a book that received glowing reviews. I’ve been a copywriter for over eight years for a broad range of industries. I’ve written digital, SEO content for clients with audiences of over 10 million. I wrote my name in wet concrete when I was nine and was reprimanded by the Greek lady on the corner whose chin mole had two black hairs sprouting out of it.

My point is, I’ve had a range of diverse experiences that have made me into the innovative and proficient writer I am today. I’m what you get when you combine creativity with expertise: expertivity, or, an imaginative writer with the ability to create copy so compelling it breaks through digital clutter and delivers business objectives.


Also, if you happen to be on Cootamundra Ave in Mulgrave, you can behold my full name etched into the sidewalk in all its glory. (You can take my cement-coated stick Mrs Papadiamantopoulos, but you will never take my freedom.)

Why not take a gander at my portfolio while you’re here?